Welcome to my little slice of Wonderland!


My name is Elizabeth Went, and I have been crafting since I was old enough to hold a crayon. My crafting has evolved quite a bit from chewing on crayons and scribbling in coloring books, but my interest in Wonderland has persisted since early childhood. To me Wonderland is a place where no matter how mad my idea may be it is entirely possible or pot-able as the case my be in this shop.

After years of dabbling in everything from paints to yarn crafts, and polymer clay, I finally discovered ceramics. I have been throwing pots since January 2018, and quickly fell madly in love with the art of slinging mud on the wheel. As such it felt appropriate to reopen Went to Wonderland as a home for my creations. Went to Wonderland primarily focuses on ceramics but will occasionally be host to water colors, acrylics and sculptures. Never fear, I am sure there will also be ample tea vessels for my fellow teatime fans.

As my portfolio grows and develops I will be certain to add updates and provide more information on its ever changing story. I owe many thanks the wonderful local studio, Lala Galleries, for providing the perfect atmosphere to learn and fall in love with the art of pottery.

If you are interested in finding information on pieces that are available for purchase just click on the little shopping kart icon or visit the 'Shop' page to visit my Etsy shop where you will find listings. If you would like to know where I will be showing items in person, stop by the 'Events' page for information on art shows and events I will be attending.

Thanks for stopping by Went to Wonderland!


~ Elizabeth

Behind Went To Wonderland


Depicted to the left are two pieces for Townsends 2019 catalog.

In 2019 I had the delightful experience of beginning to make production pottery for Townsends - a company that retails and produces 18th and early19th century reproduction pieces. This mug and bowl are 19th century English reproductions of pottery that I produced for their 2019 catalog. If you wish to purchase them please visit Townsends.us for more information.

Townsends Project